Thursday, July 24, 2008

papier maché pot

I'm not really sure what these are... right now I use them for decoration. I made these for my wedding reception to be used as centerpieces on the tables. Each "shnozzlewigger" (as we lovingly named them) held a bouquet of lovely gerbera daisies. A plastic container was placed inside to keep the moisture away from the papier maché. I made a total of 21 of them, and gave them away after the reception to good friends and family (I kept 5 for myself... which I will post in the next few days). I don't know what everyone else uses them for... but I just like the way they look empty, in a row on a shelf... they remind me of a great day, a great guy (the one I married) and the bright colours just make me smile!

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kate said...

I love this shnozzlewigger! What a lovely touch for your wedding. Sharing a bit of yourself with all your guests. Looking forward to seeing the other four.