Friday, December 19, 2008

fimo and pink metal necklace

This necklace incorporates some of my handmade fimo beads and some pink metal rings. It is a little longer than choker length and can be worn over or under a collar. I love the bright contrasting colours and textures... and the way it adds pizzaz to a simple outfit... Perfect for that little black strapless dress! Happy holidays to all...

Friday, December 5, 2008

clay smoke fired beads

This necklace was made using green wooden beads and clay beads that I made the same way as the previous post's terra sig beads. The only difference is that instead of coating the clay beads with the terra sigillata, I burnished (rubbed with a smooth metal tool) each bead by hand, which gives the same effect without the colour. The colour subtleties are created by the smoke in the firing process. Each bead takes a good 15 minutes to create (if you add up all the working time). The smoke firing must be done out of the city (we did it at a friend's country house) far from any residential areas... because of all the smoke that is created. So it's a long and messy process... but I plan on doing it again in the Spring... I love the results!