Thursday, February 28, 2008

big bulbous bead choker

I made this using recycled amber (plastic!) beads from an old necklace and combined them with some of my handmade fimo beads. The result is a unique combo and a real attention grabber. It's a bit heavy... but worth wearing for the fun comments it provokes!


Barbara said...

I love the use of color (I'm keen on Red!) and I think your polyclay beads are awesome.

What size diameter canes do you usually start with?

Carol said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the comment...I don't work with canes... the beads are just fimo balls with added snakes and dots.

Ilana said...

lovely work carol

Barbara said...

really? They look so patterned and everything.


They look fabulous!

Thanks for clearing that up for me.